History and Memory Ways: UERJ’s Open University for Studies on the Elderly

<p></p><p>ABSTRACT This paper presents the Memory Project, of the Open University for Studies on the Elderly, Rio de Janeiro State University (UnATI/UERJ) developed by the Reference and Documentation on Ageing Center (CRDE). The Project’s main goal is to organize and preserve UnATI’s memory and the specific aims are to bring back historical documents and create a database with indexed and registered informational material, besides collecting oral depositions to compose the collection. The paper brings historical reports on the creation of UnATI/UERJ within the University, quoting its main actions in the ageing field. It focuses on the creation of CRDE, activities and products, with prominence to the Project. The project highlights the theoretical support with memory and history, using the literature review methodology, technical visits, documents’ collection, its analysis its technical procedure. The UnATI model attracts the attention of institutions and researchers, so its memory is brought back preserving this model and subsidizes other initiatives.</p><p></p>