Highly regioselective, base-catalyzed, biginelli-type reaction of aldehyde, phenylacetone and urea/thiourea kinetic vs. thermodynamic control

<p>An efficient one-pot regioselective synthesis of various novel 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1<i>H</i>)-one (DHPMs) via a three-component Biginelli-type condensation of aldehyde, phenylacetone and urea/thiourea under two different based-catalyzed conditions is described. In kinetic control path, lithium <i>N</i>, <i>N</i>-diisopropylamide (LDA-20 mol % generated <i>in situ</i> from <i>n</i>-BuLi and diisopropylamine) was used as the base, in tetrahydroforane (THF) as the solvent at 0°C. Thermodynamic control path was run with NaH as the base, in EtOH as the solvent under reflux status. The simple procedure, mild base-catalytic reaction conditions, no column chromatography and good to high yields are important features of this protocol.</p>