Higher Dimensional Meta-State Analysis Reveals Reduced Resting fMRI Connectivity Dynamism in Schizophrenia Patients - Fig 12

<p><b>Meta-States Realized at Least Once by Multiple Subjects</b> (A) Bar plot of number of meta-states realized by two or more subjects (number of subjects in the collection jointly realizing some meta-state on the x-axis), shown separately for patients and healthy controls. No meta-state whatsoever is realized by more than 7 different healthy subjects. Fewer than 50 (of 32,768) meta-states are realized by more than 6 patients. A two-sample T-test shows that the number N<sub>SZ</sub> of patients jointly realizing some meta-state is significantly larger than the number N<sub>HC</sub> of controls respectively jointly realizing some meta-state; (B) Bar plot of the number of subject-pairs that jointly realize indicated (x-axis) number of meta-states, shown separately for pairs of controls, pairs of patients and mixed pairs consisting of one patient and one control. A two-sample T-text shows that the average number of intersection points (jointly realized meta-states) for SZ subject pairs is significantly larger than the average number of intersection points for HC subject pairs.</p>