High resolution supplementary figure from Neuroendocrine correlates of sex-role reversal in barred buttonquails

2016-11-10T13:25:50Z (GMT) by Cornelia Voigt
Autoradiograms of coronal sections through the brain of a female (Panels A-L) and male (Panels M-X) buttonquail at hatching day (P0) illustrating the expression of AR, ERα, ERβ and ARO mRNA visualised by in situ hybridisation. For each gene, sections are presented in a rostral to caudal order. Panels A-D and M-P are at the level of the anterior commissure. Panels I-L and U-X are at the level of the caudal hypothalamus. Abbreviations: BSTM, bed nucleus of the stria terminalis; CA, commisura anterior; ICo, nucleus intercollicularis; LS, lateral septum; MBH, mediobasal hypothalamus; POM, medial preoptic nucleus; TnA, nucleus taeniae of the amygdala.