Hierarchically Porous ZSM-5/SBA-15 Zeolite: Tuning Pore Structure and Acidity for Enhanced Hydro-Upgrading of FCC Gasoline

The pore structure and acid sites of the catalysts are demonstrated as the main factors for the hydro-upgrading of fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) gasoline. Herein, we report a general synthesis of ZSM-5/SBA-15 composite zeolites with tunable pore structure and acid sites. The effects of the pore structure and acid sites of these catalysts on their hydro-upgrading performance were systematically investigated. The platelet CoMo/AZS-PL (CoMo/ZS-PL-γ-Al2O3) catalyst with the short mesochannels, appropriate Co–Mo–S phase, and suitable acidity exhibited the excellent preservation ability of research octane number (RON) and hydrodesulfurization (HDS) performance, which was better than those of CoMo/AZS-SR (CoMo/ZS-SR-γ-Al2O3), CoMo/AZS-HP (CoMo/ZS-HP-γ-Al2O3), and CoMo/AZS-LR (CoMo/ZS-LR-γ-Al2O3) catalysts. The relationship between the physicochemical properties (acidity, morphology, pore structure, and sulfided active metal) of the catalysts and their isomerization (ISO), aromatization (ARO), as well as HDS abilities were explored in detail.