Heliconia acuminata seed set (seeds per fruit) 2008

2014-12-18T15:14:20Z (GMT) by Emilio M. Bruna

Data Set Owner(s):
Dr. Emilio Bruna
University of Florida
Dept. of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation,
University of Florida, PO Box 110430,
Gainesville, Fl 32611 USA
352-846-0643 (voice)

Key words:
Seed set
Heliconia acuminata
Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project

Geographic Coverage:
Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
Bounding Coordinates:
West: ?-59.45? degrees
East: ?-59.45? degrees
North: -2.25? degrees
South: -2.25? degrees

Temporal Coverage:
Begin: 2008-02-28
End: 2006-04-08

Project Info:
This dataset reports the number of seeds per fruit of Heliconia acuminata (Heliconiaceae) growing along trails in the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project in Manaus. All Heliconia species produce fruits with a maximum of three seeds. These data were used to report the average number of seeds produced per fruit and in demographic models of H. acuminata demography. See, e.g., :

Bruna, E. M. and W. J. Kress. 2002. Habitat fragmentation and the demographic structure of an Amazonian understory herb (Heliconia acuminata). Conservation Biology 16 (5): 1256-1266.
Bruna, E. M. 2003. Are plant populations in fragmented habitats recruitment limited? Tests with an Amazonian herb.?Ecology, 84(4): 932-947.

File: Metadata_Heliconia_acuminata_seedset_ 2008.csv

Description: This file describes the number of seeds in each fruit collected from different plants at the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project.

Methods: Plants were marked along trails at the BDFFP?s Reserve 1501 in 2008. Additional fruits were collected from unmarked plants in different BDFFP locations. Fruits were collected and individually scrubbed with a strainer to clean seeds.

Column Headings:
Plant_no: The temporary unique number used to identify plants during the collection. Some fruits were collected from unmarked plants that were encountered along trails while doing field work in Reserve 1501 or other locations; these are indicated with the location (e.g., Matrix_Colosso) where they were collected. These are not necessarily from the sample plant, so they should not be used in estimates of total fruit or seed set per plant ? only those with unique ID numbers.
No_of_seeds: Number of seeds in the fruit
Date_Collected: date the fruit was collected