Heliconia acuminata (Heliconiaceae) Leaf Length vs. Leaf Area

2012-06-28T16:39:11Z (GMT) by Emilio M. Bruna


This is the length (in cm) and area (in cm^2) of N = 144 leaves of the Amazonian understory herb Heliconia acuminata (Heliconiaceae) collected in Reserve #1501 of the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project near Manaus, Brazil.  Leaves were traced onto paper and the length and area of each leaf tracing were measured with a LI-COR Model 3000A Leaf Area Meter.  For additional details on the study species, site, and use of these data see the following article: Bruna, E. M., O. Nardy, S. Y. Strauss, and S. P. Harrison. 2002. Experimental assessment of Heliconia acuminata growth in a fragmented Amazonian landscape. Journal of Ecology, 90(4): 639-649.