Hazard ratios and p-values estimated for ΔFTV<sub>2</sub> in the full cohort.

<p>(A) The heat map of estimated hazard ratios plotted with PE<sub>t</sub> in the y-axis from 30% to 200% and SER<sub>t</sub> in the x-axis from 0 to 2. Hazard ratios within the range of 0.9 to 1.2 were color-coded from blue to red. (B) The heat map of p-values, with estimated hazard ratios shown in (A), is shown in the range of 0.001 to 0.1 with color coded from red to blue. Note that values with high hazard ratios and low p-values are coded in red. On both maps, the default setting with PE<sub>t</sub> = 70% and SER<sub>t</sub> = 0 was marked as a circle, and the optimized setting at PE<sub>t</sub> = 120% and SER<sub>t</sub> = 1.4 was marked as a star. (C) A plot comparing the estimated hazard ratios and confident intervals at default (hazard ratio (H) of 1.0, 95% CI (0.9–1.1), <i>p</i> = 0.88) and optimized (hazard ratio (H) of 1.1, 95% CI (1.0–1.2), <i>p</i> = 8 × 10<sup>−4</sup>) settings.</p>