Have Balls, Get Tested: HIV prevention in African American MSM in Baltimore

2019-04-08T04:53:38Z (GMT) by Clifford, Ryan David

In partnership with the Baltimore City Health Department, The Center for Design Practice at the Maryland Institute College of Art developed strategies that engaged the HIV-positive African American MSM population in Baltimore City in order to collaboratively design ways to seek and maintain care, stay on their medication, and maintain safe practices to decrease the rate of transmission of HIV, syphilis and other STDs.

In Baltimore City, MSM are at significant risk of acquiring HIV andsyphilis. According the Infectious Disease and Environmental Health Administration, there has recently been a resurgence in the proportion of newly reported HIV cases occurring in MSM in Baltimore, with a near doubling of this proportion from 15% to 30% in the last 5 years. In the BESURE study conducted in Baltimore City in 2004-2005, 40% of MSM who participated in the study were HIV- positive and 62% of HIV-positive individuals were unaware of their status.