Harvesting Scholarly Communication Padi Seeds via Mendeley Institutional Edition for Your Academic Libraries

With the advent of internet technologies in today’s information science landscape, a number of researchers and scholars are using new media into their professional communication and scholarly work. This action shifted the patterns in using beyond than just a reference management tool and place a challenge in library science’s service on the reflection of new demographic pool’s patrons behavior and usage in using the library’s model. Librarians have to keep up on their toes, with these attributes in acquiring knowledge, tools, resources and operations to serve a unique information service model to their patrons, especially in academic and research libraries. Understanding the needs of the librarians, here at Swets, the partnership with Mendeley aims to set a milestone ahead to aid and provide a strategic alignment model for their on-progress challenging model. Together, in this paper, the illustration will focus on the discussion topic to invest and align strategically, a tool that is designed to be part of the ecological cycle in current scholarly communication lifestyle. Mendeley is not only build for a basic reference management tools to aid academics and researchers (or even undergraduate) in their daily academic writing. But, that will be beyond than just a scholar’s imagination. This includes topics as access, visible, preserve, collaborate, share, knowledge transfer, mobile and openness. This is because Mendeley rides on the open science concept, indirectly immerse the usage of the product in part of a scholar’s life in a university. This will seeds a good, positive seeding investment for librarians and research managers to look beyond the basic service model, along with the other productive competitive services and platforms, especially for Malaysia’s and South East Asia’s library and information science industry to leverage for the future in open science development.