HIV-1, SIVcpz, and SIVgor are equally dependent on RanBP2.

<p><b>A)</b> 293T cells were infected with lentivirus harboring the indicated shRNA constructs and MTT-proliferation assays were carried out in triplicate at 96 hours post infection. Absorbance was measured at a wavelength of 590 nm. Reduced absorbance is indicative of reduced cell proliferation. <b>B)</b> Whole cell extract (WCE) from 293T cells infected with lentivirus harboring the indicated shRNA construct was collected at 72 hours post infection and immunoblotted with antibodies raised against RanBP2 or Nup153 as a loading control. <b>C)</b> 293T cells treated with the indicated shRNA constructs were infected with HIV-1 bearing the indicated cyclophilin-binding loop (X-axis) and a GFP reporter. The percentage cells infected in each sample was normalized to the shRNA control. Infections were performed in triplicate and error bars represent twice the standard error of the mean.</p>