<p><b>ABSTRACT:</b><b><i> </i></b><b>The dictionary outlines the main economic terms that are found in the most developed economies of the world. Particular attention is drawn to the data set on industrial investments, which acquire a new quality, namely, the quality of the factor of the development of scientific knowledge, which contributes to the emergence of large industrial and technological shifts in the economy. </b></p> <p><b>There is an increase in the volume of scientific knowledge used in the production, new types of technologies are emerging, constant improvement of the means of production and ways of transforming economic forms of ownership. </b></p> <p><b>The development of scientific knowledge and new data sets predetermined a decline in the share of material production in the structure of modern information processes. All these historical and economic data set are reflected in this dictionary.</b></p><p><b><br></b></p>