HELIO: All the Heliospher in your hands

2012-08-09T12:02:07Z (GMT) by David Pérez-Suárez HELIO Team
<p>HELIO, the HELiophysics Integrated Observatory, is a new tool currently being developed by an international consortium under the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) which will help you to discover heliophysics data in a simple way.  This is being achieved by merging features and events catalogues, data archives and, processing tools which will allow the users, besides to find all the data available that have observed a certain event while propagate through the whole solar system, to create their own workflows.</p> <p>HELIO definitely will make the research in heliophysics more accessible to different scientists.  But it capabilities goes further than this, and it could be adapted to other fields in science where multiple observations in different observatories are used to study a particular event.</p>