HCMV infected epithelial cells induce IL-10 secretion from PBMC.

<p>PBMC were incubated for 48h alone or with 50nM UL11Fc or Fc as a control, or with RPE cells that were uninfected (RPE) or infected with wild type HCMV (WT RPE) or ΔUL11 HCMV (ΔUL11 RPE) at the indicated ratios and in the absence or presence of anti-CD3 (OKT3). The presence of secreted IL-10 was measured by ELISA after 2 days. The experiment was performed three times, using PBMC from different donors. (A) One representative experiment is shown, with IL-10 concentration in pg/ml. Error bars show standard deviation of technical replicates. (B) Mean fold increases in IL-10 concentration over the value for uninfected RPE cells incubated with PBMC at a ratio of 1:5 in the presence of anti-CD3 are shown for the three experiments combined. Error bars show standard deviation. Statistical significance of differences between groups was determined by ANOVA. *p = 0.0005 for the difference in IL-10 expression between supernatants from cultures containing wild type HCMV and those containing ΔUL11 HCMV infected cells.</p>