Graphical Methods for Sharp Predictions. "Live" Lecture Notes - Amplitudes 2017 Summer School

2017-07-11T22:15:31Z (GMT) by John Joseph Carrasco
Set of 4 lectures offered to the Amplitudes 2017 Summer School, hosted by the Higgs Center for Theoretical Physics in Edinburgh. Introducing a set of methods relevant for prediction in theories ranging from the absolutely formal to the utterly effective. <div><br></div><div>Lectures:</div><div>1. Graphs and Ordered Amplitudes</div><div>2. Multiloop Integrand Verification using Unitarity Cuts</div><div>3. Multiloop Integrand Construction</div><div>4. Color-Kinematics<br><div><br></div><div>Broken leg led to projected live-lecture typing in Mathematica, with some minimal cleanup post. Video available at reference link. Primary file is a Mathematica notebook utilizing ampGraphTools an open amplitudes library hosted on GitHub. Secondary file some prepared slides presented 1st and 4th lecture.<br></div></div>