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Graphene Oxide Transparent Hybrid Film and Its Ultraviolet Shielding Property

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posted on 19.08.2015, 00:00 by Siyuan Xie, Jianfeng Zhao, Bowu Zhang, Ziqiang Wang, Hongjuan Ma, Chuhong Yu, Ming Yu, Linfan Li, Jingye Li
Herein, we first reported a facile strategy to prepare functional Poly­(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) hybrid film with well ultraviolet (UV) shielding property and visible light transmittance using graphene oxide nanosheets as UV-absorber. The absorbance of ultraviolet light at 300 nm can be up to 97.5%, while the transmittance of visible light at 500 nm keeps 40% plus. This hybrid film can protect protein from UVA light induced photosensitive damage, remarkably.