GrainSizeTools script v2.0.2 JOSS submission

2018-10-05T14:44:37Z (GMT) by Marco A. Lopez-Sanchez
<p><strong>GrainSizeTools</strong> is a free, open-source, cross-platform script written in <a href="">Python</a> that provides several tools to estimate the average grain size in polycrystalline materials, characterize the nature of the distribution of grain sizes (apparent and approximate 3D grain size distributions via stereology), and estimate the differential stress via paleopizometers. The script requires as the input the areas of the grain profiles measured grain-by-grain on planar sections and <strong>does not require previous experience with Python programming language</strong> (see documentation below and <a href="">FAQ</a>). For users with coding skills, the script is organized in a modular way facilitating its reuse and code extension.</p><p><br></p><p><strong>IMPORTANT!: v2.0+ includes new features and changes that make it incompatible with previous versions. 2.0+ versions are only compatible with Python 3.5 or higher.</strong></p>