Going with the flow: Publishing geochemical data from the lab workbench

2016-04-21T00:42:56Z (GMT) by Matthias Liffers

The award-winning Curtin University Digital Mineral Library pathfinder project published 150 geochemical datasets created by a TESCAN Integrated Mineral Analyser from samples provided by the Geological Survey of Western Australia. The focus of the project was creating the workflows and integrating the systems that would make such publication possible from the lab workbench with minimal manual intervention.

Existing open source software and open standards were used wherever possible to build an agnostic ecosystem in which individual components could be replaced as necessary by discipline- or institute-specific solutions.

In his presentation, Matthias will cover some of the challenges faced by the project team, including some of the lessons learned. He will also speak to the next phase of the project and some of the new research activity that has been stimulated by the publication of these open datasets.