Global temperature changes of the last millennium - Supplementary Information

2014-10-11T13:57:51Z (GMT) by Ronan Connolly
<p>Supplementary information dataset for the following article:</p> <p>R. Connolly and M. Connolly (2014). <em>Global temperature changes of the last millennium</em>. Open Peer Rev. J., 16 (Clim. Sci.), ver 0.1 (non peer-reviewed draft)</p> <p>19 different global temperature trend estimates for the last 1000 years constructed from temperature proxies.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Abstract of article</strong></p> <p>A review of the various global (or hemispheric) millennial temperature reconstructions was carried out. Unlike previous reviews, technical analyses presented via internet blogs were considered as well as the conventional peer-reviewed literature.</p> <p>There was a remarkable consistency between all of the reconstructions in identifying three climatically distinct periods. These consisted of two relatively warm periods – the “Medieval Warm Period” (c. 800-1200 AD) and the “Current Warm Period” (c. 1900 AD on) – and a relatively cool period – the “Little Ice Age” (c. 1500-1850 AD). Disagreement seems to centre over how the two warm periods compare to each other, and exactly how cold, and continuous the cool period was.</p> <p>However, many of the assumptions behind the reconstructions have still not been adequately justified. In addition, there are substantial inconsistencies in the data on which they are based, and between proxy-based and thermometer-based estimates.</p>