2014 Glass Interview With Ruth Mirams

2019-07-04T02:42:43Z (GMT) by Alexander Hayes Ruth Mirams

The following is an unplanned, private conversation occurred over a two day period by Google Hangouts chat between ourselves Dr. Ruth Mirams andAlexander Hayes.

We met each other on 12 May 2014, at an event called “Glass Meetup #1” hosted by the INSPIRE Centre at The University of Canberra, where Alexander is a Professional Associate. This meeting was the first time Ruth had encountered Google Glass. Over the ensuing weeks, Alexander has advised Ruth (through her company Paramodic Pty Ltd - http://www.paramodic.com/glass/) on matters including the socio-ethical implications of digital Glass and other location enabled body worn technologies.

Despite being considered a private conversation at the time, we have together agreed to publish this conversation-turned-interview for contextual reference. We do so to highlight the difficulties that both researchers, colleagues and society faces as we consider how this technological innovation rolls out. At the point of publication, in Australasia, Google Glass is NOT a publicly accessible product nor is it yet been legally ratified for commercial dissemination i.e. via the Google Glass Explorer program.