Gjergj Fishta in the history of Albanian literature

2019-01-31T09:50:52Z (GMT) by Besa Hoxha Beqiri

Gjergj Fishta is one of the most extensively analyzed writers of Albanian literature. Although he was disowned during the communist period in Albania, his undeniable literary values brought about a restored interest into his work by many scholars. For a long time, during the communist censorship up. until 2014, many discussions and writings occurred regarding the ban of some writers during the period 1912 to 1939, including Fishta. Such a conclusion emerges due to the fact that various critical and literary works into the history of literature, as well as post-war anthologies, whether individual or group writings, failed to afford Fishta with his due place. Furthermore, following the democratization of Albania, the prohibition of Fishta’s writings over the course of half a century has been the subject of many writings. Therefore, this paper will analyze Fishta in communist times, his inclusion in histories of Albanian literature after 1968, which coincided with the year when the manuscript "The History of Albanian Literature 1912 - 1939” was prohibited. In particular, the proceeds with an evaluation and analysis of Fishta's writings in these histories, including the manuscript itself.