Genome - Abeoforma whisleri​

2017-09-21T07:38:35Z (GMT) by Multicellgenome Lab
Genome assembly and annotation of Abeoforma whisleri:
- XXXX_gDNA.fasta: "Genome assembly (fasta format)"
- XXXX_long.annot.gff: "Gene annotation (GFF)"
- XXXX_long.cds.fasta: "Predicted transcripts (CDS only, fasta format)"
- XXXX_long.pep.fasta: "Predicted peptides (fasta format)"
If you use this data, please cite: Dynamics of genomic innovation in the unicellular ancestry of animals, Grau-Bové et al., eLife 2017

WARNING: highly fragmented genome assembly. See ​
​paper for further details.