Generating static linguistic motion charts

2018-02-17T01:07:23Z (GMT) by Gede Primahadi Wijaya Rajeg I Made Rajeg
The source (.Rmd) file for our R document (see "References" below) containing the R codes to generate the static motion charts in our 2014 paper (link:
). The present items also include the original .r file (2014 version), .bib, and csl files. The latter two files are required for one to render the .Rmd in RStudio without missing the references therein.

If you use these codes and find them useful, please cite our 2014 paper as well as the R codes by clicking on the "cite" (dark-pink button on the top-left) and select the citation style through the "datacite" option (right-hand side)

We are also happy to receive feedback and comments! Cheers!