Gene structure of and its mutants

<p><b>Copyright information:</b></p><p>Taken from "A spontaneous tRNA suppressor of a mutation in the nuclear gene required for stability of the chloroplast mRNA"</p><p>Nucleic Acids Research 2005;33(10):3372-3380.</p><p>Published online 9 Jun 2005</p><p>PMCID:PMC1148173.</p><p>© The Author 2005. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved</p> () DNA gel blot analysis of wild-type (WT) and the mutants indicated above each lane. Total DNA from WT (CC-124), (strain F16.A20), (strain 670.1) and (strain 7-90.33) were digested with BamHI, and the resultant blot was hybridized with the P-labeled probes indicated at the top of panel, () which also shows a diagram of the WT locus. In this diagram, black rectangles represent exons and gray rectangles represent the 5′-UTR, the three introns and the 3′-UTR. BamHI restriction sites ‘B’ and the sizes of fragments (in kb) identified in panel A are shown. is adjacent to , whose C-terminal end on the opposite strand is shown. Below the gene diagram, the nucleotide and amino acid sequences surrounding the mutation are shown.




CC BY 4.0