GRAD 521 Research Data Management Syllabus and Lesson Plans

2018-06-08T17:42:03Z (GMT) by Amanda Whitmire

These are the syllabus and lesson plans for a series of lectures from a 10-week, 2-credit graduate-level course in research data management.

The course description is: "Careful examination of all aspects of research data management best practices. Designed to prepare students to exceed funder mandates for performance in data planning, documentation, preservation and sharing in an increasingly complex digital research environment. Open to students of all disciplines."

Major course content includes: Overview of research data management, definitions and best practices; Types, formats and stages of research data; Metadata (data documentation); Data storage, backup and security; Legal and ethical considerations of research data; Data sharing and reuse; Archiving and preservation.

The course was offered for the first time during the Winter 2014 term (January - March). See the associated lectures and assignments.