GC Content vs Genome Size of 4231 Bacteria Genomes

2012-11-08T18:03:48Z (GMT) by Ara Kooser
<p>This plot shows the distribution of 4231 bacteria genomes from NCBI in x,y space with GC content plotted against genome size in Mb. You can infer from the x,y space the celluar limits to GC content and genome size. Certain bacteria phyla occupy different GC/genome size space which is better shown using principle componant analysis. </p> <p>Nakabachi et al. 1 , in their 160 KB genome paper, created a plot of GC content and chromosomal size of 358 genomes. Guss Roeselers 2 , 2010 plotted GC content against size of genome using the 2010 NCBI Genome database. Roselers colored coded the plot by phyla for easier visualization of the x,y space. Roeselers and Nakabachi both showed a correlation between GC content and genome size.</p> 1. Nakabachi A, Yamashita A, Toh H, Ishikawa H, Dunbar HE, Moran NA, Hattori M. (2006) The 160-kilobase genome of the bacterial endosymbiont Carsonella. Science 314(5797):267   2. Roeselers, G. (2010) Bacterial genome size & base composition. Retrieved 7/20/12, from http://guusroeselers.blogspot.com/2010/08/bacterial-genome-size-base-composition.html