GCMD Keywords_Final.pptx

2017-09-04T13:29:55Z (GMT) by Tyler Stevens
<div>I.Introduction To GCMD Keywords (20 Minutes)</div> <div>§Overview of GCMD Keywords </div> <div>§Open Keyword Community</div> <div>§Rationale for Keyword Refinement</div> <p></p> <div>II.Communities Using GCMD Keywords (30 Minutes) </div> <div>§“Use of GCMD Keywords To Augment Search Engine User Queries” (Lewis Mcgibbney, NASA/JPL) </div> <div>§“Using GCMD Keywords for Data Discovery at the GES DISC” (Carlee Loeser, NASA/GES DISC)</div> <div>§“More Rules, Less Committees: A Way Forward in Keyword Land” (Ted Habermann, HDF Group)</div> <p></p> <div>III.Open Discussion of GCMD Keywords (40 Minutes)</div> <div>§Audience Interaction Activity Using Slido!</div> <div>●</div> <p><u>G</u><u>oal of Workshop:</u> Strengthen the ties between the GCMD keywords and the user community by determine the user’s needs and prioritizing future keyword releases and features based on those needs. </p>



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