Future’s Business: Harnessing Emergent Wearable Technologies for the Australian Vocational Education and Training Sector

2017-11-05T01:37:58Z (GMT) by Alexander Hayes
<p>The relational paradigm of human-computer interactions which meld user experience with curriculum are challenging educators within the vocational education and training sector (VET) in Australia. Harnessing the interpersonal relationships that develop with the assistance of these emergent, wearable mobile computing devices seems to be at the crux of the authenticity crisis the VET sector faces with its ageing practitioner population. Interacting with a shifting field of virtual spaces and places, where interaction is fast and seemingly disjointed, may well be isolating a generation of elders who not so cleverly use nomenclature such as ‘disengaged’ to describe those learners who opt out of the current didactic and arcane mode of service delivery. It is evident that the ‘future’s business’ now includes bringing VET practitioners into the interactive world of mobile technologies and the differing relatedness that this emergent electronic interface demands. This paper explores differing perspectives and issues which surround the introduction of an interoperable learning context where e-learning meets mobility.</p><div><br></div>