Functional MRI data in MATLAB file format for ASL from How the heart speaks to the brain: neural activity during cardiorespiratory interoceptive stimulation

Includes 4 variables: 1) Anticipation_vs_Baseline_Contrast; 2) Peak_vs_Baseline_Contrast; 3) Recovery_vs_Baseline_Contrast; 4) Dose_Order. Variables 1 to 3 are contrast maps built by subtracting the ASL signal averaged over the baseline block (as defined in the text) from the ASL signal averaged across anticipatory, peak and recovery blocks, respectively (as defined in the text). The contrast maps have 5 dimensions and include data for 21 subjects (second dimension) and 4 doses (first dimension), dimension 3-5 are x, y and z directions (91x109 x91 voxels), respectively. Dose orders in these data follow the order given in Dose_Order variable