From the similar to the same, from the different to the similar: subject, actor, agent and protagonism in the language

2018-01-10T05:57:59Z (GMT) by Dina Maria Martins Ferreira

ABSTRACT This article aims to demonstrate that the prerogatives of the Social Sciences are imbricated in Language Studies in the sense of conceptualizing the subject, actor, agent and protagonist. Despite the attempt to offer hegemonic concepts, these become shuffled by diluting boundaries of meaning among themselves. A comparative analysis between concepts linked to some authors, such as that from the sociologists Touraine, Bourdieu and Crozier on the one hand, and on the other, the language scholars Pêcheux, Fairclough, and Austin, demonstrates the interweaving between language and the social. As an analytical example of the constitution of the subject, actor, agent and protagonist, we used the Brazilian singer, composer and poet Karina Buhr.