From gates to block notes: art and institutional support in the More Doctors for Brazil Project

<p></p><p>This essay presents experiences lived by a visual artist belonging to an Education Ministry institutional support team for the More Doctors for Brazil Project (MDBP). This program is an inter-ministry proposal based on combining work processes and professional training in health and education. Using the notion of the obtuse meaning, proposed by Roland Barthes, and hyphographic methodology, we investigate the lightness and reinvention of actions in the field of public health at the interface of art as an educational process experimented with for two years in the MDBP. Writings on little block notes produced individually and collectively by a group of supporters reveal a singular and sensible process that contributes to the discussion of strengthening collectivities, primary care networks, education in the Brazilian National Health System, and construction of political and poetic perspectives on the MDBP.</p><p></p>