The road from reality: A purely mathematical proof of the existence of the observable universe

2020-05-22T15:51:59Z (GMT) by Alexandre Harvey-tremblay
This manuscript describes the most fundamental description of reality I believe to be possible. Specifically, my proposal is sufficiently powerful to inherit the coveted indubitable property of the Cartesian universal doubt method then to carry it forward such that the structure of reality, in the form of a model of the observable universe including the laws of physics, is inherited indubitably from pure reason, whilst avoiding the pitfall at the mind-body problem. The strategy is to construct a purely mathematical model of science, then to solve it for the laws of physics. In the model, reality is described as a set of realized experiments (the set of what "I" can prove), and the laws of physics are those that remain universally valid for all permutations or rearrangements of experiments under the only constraints of the set of all possible transformations, which we call nature. Essentially, *experiments* constrained by *nature* equal *physics*, in the most general mathematical sense imaginable.