From The Sugarman song cycle

2016-09-13T23:38:28Z (GMT) by Craig San Roque
<div>The Sugarman Song Cycle was written as a script and has been performed in communities around Central Australia. The extract that appears here is taken from the First Part of the script, which was originally performed at the Intjartnama Aboriginal Alcohol Rehabilitation Village, west of Alice Springs, in 1996. The performance took place ‘in the open air, under the the stars in a circular space of red sand, cleared of spinifex, lit by fires’, according to San Roque. ‘There were dancers, musicians, narrators, giant puppets, and symbolic objects….The performance lasted over 5 hours, with leisurely breaks for meals……’.</div><div><br></div><div>San Roque, C. From The Sugarman song cycle. PAN : philosophy activism nature. 2000; 1, 42-64</div><div><br></div>