Friction and Wear Behavior of Several Fe Matrix Alloys in Distilled Water

<div><p>The tribological behaviors of Fe-Cr-B alloy and AISI52100 and AISI304 stainless steel sliding against an AISI52100 steel ball were investigated with a ball-on-disk tribotester under distilled water condition. The Fe-Cr-B alloy was successfully prepared by using powder metallurgy technology. In distilled water, the friction coefficient and specific wear rate of Fe-Cr-B alloy were the lowest compared to other specimens. The different alloys showed different wear mechanisms during the sliding process. The wear mechanism of AISI52100 steel was ploughing and severe plastic deformation; the wear mechanism of AISI304 stainless steel was ploughing and plastic deformation. However, Fe-Cr-B alloy was dominated by microploughs and slight delamination under distilled water condition. The Fe-Cr-B alloy showed better wear resistance than that of the other two alloys.</p></div>