Formation of hydrophobic surface using a bis-urea derived organogel

<div><p>A bis-urea derived gelator <b>1</b> was synthesised with a high yield via a simple organic reaction. The gelator could form organogel in four kinds of solvents. The organogels obtained from four kinds of solvents were systematically investigated by FESEM, UV–Vis, PL, IR, XRD and water contact angle experiments. It was interesting that the self-assembly process of gelator <b>1</b> could be tuned by solvents. The film structure and fibre were formed in different solvents. At the same time, the different morphologies all displayed hydrophobicity. Especially, the contact angle of the fibre obtained from organogel in DMF was up to 147°. This research would provide a good pattern for preparation of a special hydrophobic surface through supramolecular self-assembly.</p></div>