Fluoropolymer-Based Flexible Neural Prosthetic Electrodes for Reliable Neural Interfacing

We covalently bound fluoropolymer (FP) films by plasma treatment followed by thermal pressing at temperatures below their melting point and fabricated an adhesion-metal-free flexible gold electrode array entirely encapsulated by the FP film, excepting the active electrode openings. The fabricated device was chemically resistant and was modified to have a lower impedance and efficient charge injection capability. The fabricated device was evaluated in vivo in rats and was confirmed to record the epidural epileptiform activity induced by chemical administration. The chemically inert nature of FPs and the gold electrode is expected to facilitate reliable neural interfacing without abiotic issues. Plasma treatment-induced covalent binding of FP films can also be utilized in a variety of applications requiring durability, such as implantable biosensors and sensor platforms operating under chemically harsh environments, including humid conditions.