Fluid and dietary restriction’s efficacy on chronic kidney disease patients in hemodialysis

2015-12-01T08:49:03Z (GMT) by António Filipe Amaral de Jesus Cristóvão
<p></p><p>ABSTRACT Objective: to identify self-care measures to manage fluid and dietary restrictions and assess their effectiveness. Method: descriptive-correlational study and cluster analysis with 254 chronic renal failure patients on regular hemodialysis program, handled by hemodiafiltration. We evaluated the effectiveness of self-care by interdialytic weight gain (IWG) and by potassium and phosphorus serum pre-dialysis serum levels. Results: several self-care measures were significantly correlated with a lower IWG and a lower level of pre-dialysis phosphorus. Patients most often use measures to reduce salt consumption than measures to restrict potassium and dietary phosphorus. The spouse provides important support dietary management. Subjects who use more often the self-care measure are mostly female, are older, less IWG and have a higher Kt/V. Conclusion: these results can contribute to the nursing educational support.</p><p></p>