Floristic inventory in a Seasonal Semideciduous Forest remnant in Southern Espírito Santo, Brazil: Parque Estadual da Cachoeira da Fumaça

<p></p><p>Abstract This paper provides a floristic inventory of Angiosperms reported from Parque Estadual Cachoeira da Fumaça (PECF), Espírito Santo, Brazil. The PECF is located between Alegre and Ibitirama, region of Caparaó, South of Espírito Santo, protecting springs and remnants of a preserved section of the Braço Norte Direito river, affluent of the Itapemirim river. The objective of this work was to increase the knowledge of the angiosperm diversity of a remnant of the Atlantic Forest located in the south of Espírito Santo, through the field survey of herbaceous, climbing, shrub and tree species occurring in the PECF. The inventory was performed with fortnightly fieldwork from January 2010 to January 2011. The samples collected are available at the herbarium VIES (Alegre). A checklist with 222 species, from 171 genera and 60 families is provided, of this total, 30 species are endemic to Brazil, four are on the red list of endangered species, and 13 are cited as new occurrences for the Espírito Santo. Fabaceae, Asteraceae, Piperaceae, Rubiaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Poaceae, Melastomataceae and Myrtaceae presented the greatest species richness. The number of taxa found in the PECF reaffirms that small remnants of forest present a high diversity of species.</p><p></p>