Flora of Espírito Santo: Dennstaedtiaceae

2017-12-20T02:45:49Z (GMT) by Pedro B. Schwartsburd

Abstract As part of the Flora of Espírito Santo project, it is presented the taxonomic treatment of Dennstaedtiaceae, with keys, descriptions, illustrations, and list of specimens examined. In this state (and adjacent areas of Minas Gerais), eleven taxa of Dennstaedtiaceae were found: Blotiella lindeniana, Dennstaedtia cicutaria, Dennstaedtia cornuta, Dennstaedtia globulifera, Histiopteris incisa, Hypolepis acantha, Hypolepis mitis, Hypolepis rigescens var. rigescens, Hypolepis rugosula subsp. pradoana, Pteridium arachnoideum subsp. arachnoideum, and Pteridium arachnoideum subsp. campestre. Most of these taxa are widespread along the Neotropics, but three (or four) are endemic to the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest: Hypolepis acantha, Hypolepis mitis, and Hypolepis rugosula subsp. pradoana (and possibly Dennstaedtia cornuta).