First report of caudal intervertebral disk extrusion in a Basset Hound

ABSTRACT We report here the first case in Brazil of an intervertebral disc disease (Hansen type I) between the caudal vertebrae (coccygeal) in a six-year-old Basset Hound dog, castrated, weighing 16 kg and history of pain during defecation and manipulation of the pelvic region, associated with the inability to move, raise and shake its tail. In the radiography survey, an opacity of the intervertebral foramen between the fourth and fifth caudal vertebra was observed. The animal underwent a modified dorsal laminectomy followed by fenestration of the affected intervertebral disc. After 15 days following surgery, the patient showed no signs of pain when defecating and was able to perform the tail wag movements, but with discomfort on palpation and could not rise the tail high up the spine, which was resolved after 30 days of surgery. The relevance of this report is the inclusion, even if rare, of the caudal intervertebral disc disease in the differential diagnosis in dogs with pain during defecation and handling of the tail, and the radiographic survey is an important auxiliary tool for definitive diagnosis and treatment plan for this disease.