Finnish CWR priority list

2018-12-19T13:51:56Z (GMT) by Heli Fitzgerald Elina Kiviharju
Authors: Heli Fitzgerald, and Elina Kiviharju

Aim: to provide national crop wild relative (CWR) priority list for conservation planning and action. The Finnish CWR priority list was based on the Nordic CWR checklist (available at:

Method: Food and forage wild relative were prioritized according to their socioeconomic value and utilization potential.

Results: The dataset provides following information for each taxon: scientific name and author, Finnish name, nativity status and the name of the crop the wild taxon is related to. The dataset also includes information on the crop genepool or taxongroup the wild taxon belongs to and notes whether the taxon is a food or forage wild relative.

The Finnish crop wild relative priority list was created as a part of crop wild relative conservation project funded by the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.