Figure S4: Analysis of knockdown efficiency in HIV-1-infected U2OS-C5 cells from Dual role of the chromatin-binding factor PHF13 in the pre- and post-integration phases of HIV-1 replication

U2OS-C5 cells were mock transfected or with a control siRNA (csiRNA) or directed against PHF13 (siPHF13). 24 h later cells were infected with 100 ng p24 VSVG pseudotyped HIV-1 NL4-3 IRES-eGFP or the ΔVpr variant for 6 h, washed and incubated for additional 18 h. At that time point, cells were induced with 1 μg/ml doxycycline. 24 h later cells were lysed to detect PHF13, tubulin, HIV-1 p24 and Vpr by immunoblot.