Figure S3 from Does behaviour affect the dispersal of flatback post-hatchlings in the Great Barrier Reef?

Comparison of the dispersal success for each swimming parameter used to model the dispersal of flatback turtles. Dispersal success (percentage of s-flatbacks in inshore waters) for each of the swimming parameters we evaluated in the sensitivity analysis: (a) swimming speed, (b) swimming direction, (c) proportion of time swimming per day, and (d) the day the post-frenzy swimming behaviour started. . For each scenario, the dispersal success for Wild Duck Island, Peak Island. Dispersal success are Very low (≤ 25%), Low (25.01 – 50%), Medium (51.01 – 75%) and High (> 75%). For all scenarios s-flatbacks were modelled for 120 days until 00h on 2nd May 2012.