Figure 3b.pxp

<div>Comparison of the electronic contrast observed in</div><div>experimental (i)-(iv), and simulated (v)-(viii) STM images obtained at +1.0 V, +0.5 V, +0.1</div><div>V, and -1.0 V (3.15 nm x 3.15 nm, Iset = 50 pA). Close to the Fermi level, the Si ‘up’ atoms of</div><div>the domain boundary are brighter than those in the domain center; far from the Fermi level, all</div><div>of the Si atoms have a more uniform appearance and the domain boundaries appear as dark</div><div>lines. The simulated constant current STM images correspond to charge density iso-surfaces</div><div>of 5 x 10-7 electrons/Å3.</div>