Figure 2.pxp

<div>Spectroscopic dI/dV measurements acquired over the center (red) and two sides</div><div>(black and blue) of a ligand of an FePc molecule and over the silicene background (gray); red</div><div>and gray spectra are vertically offset for clarity (dotted horizontal red line indicates the actual</div><div>zero). The location at which each spectrum is acquired is marked on the image in the inset. At</div><div>positive bias the spectra are dominated by the silicene. However, additional spectroscopic</div><div>features observed below the Fermi energy on both sides of the ligand for all molecules. The</div><div>blue vertical arrow indicates a spectroscopic feature (at ~-0.7 V) that appears only on the</div><div>ligands. (Spectra and inset, 2.94 nm x 2.94 nm, Vset = -2 V, Iset = 0.5 nA).</div>