Fig S6. In addition to a functional copy of a UTP14 retrogene the naked mole rat genome caries three nonfunctional copies. from Lineage-independent retrotransposition of UTP14 associated with male fertility has occurred multiple times throughout mammalian evolution

2017-12-11T06:31:09Z (GMT) by Jan Rohozinski
Panels A, B and C show the blast alignment of Human UTP14A sequence against the naked mole rat genome. Alignments are indicated by blue arrows. The alignment shown in panel A is located on naked mole rat scaffold JH602046 between the genes SEPT8 and KIF3A. In panel B shows the alignment on scaffold JH602258 which is located near the gene SLC25A1. The alignment shown in panel C is on scaffold JH60269 up stream of the gene EXOC2. In all cases the there is no evidence that the three UTP14 retrogenes fragments present within the naked mole rat genome encode functional proteins.