Fig. 5: Saturation of the no-cosines flow

2015-07-19T19:19:28Z (GMT) by Bertil Fabricius Dorch
<p>Left: Volume rendering of the magnetic field and velocity flow in the experiment with Rem = 200 and Re = 200 during saturation. Isosurfaces of regions of low magnetic field and flow (light structures) and local maxima (dark). The lines are magnetic field lines (dark) and stream lines (light). Right: Strong magnetic field (light) and vorticity structures (dark) in the experiment Rem = 200 and Re = 400 during saturation. Field lines traced from weak magnetic field (left side of the box) are stretched and pile up in twisted sheets around strong vortex tubes (to the right).</p> <p> </p> <p>From the paper "On the Saturation of Astrophysical Dynamos: Numerical Experiments with the No-Cosines Flow" by S. B. F. DorchV. Archontis.</p> <p>Published in: Solar Physics October 2004.</p> <p> </p>