Fig. 5: Saturation of the no-cosines flow

2015-07-19T19:19:28Z (GMT) by Bertil Fabricius Dorch

Left: Volume rendering of the magnetic field and velocity flow in the experiment with Rem = 200 and Re = 200 during saturation. Isosurfaces of regions of low magnetic field and flow (light structures) and local maxima (dark). The lines are magnetic field lines (dark) and stream lines (light). Right: Strong magnetic field (light) and vorticity structures (dark) in the experiment Rem = 200 and Re = 400 during saturation. Field lines traced from weak magnetic field (left side of the box) are stretched and pile up in twisted sheets around strong vortex tubes (to the right).


From the paper "On the Saturation of Astrophysical Dynamos: Numerical Experiments with the No-Cosines Flow" by S. B. F. DorchV. Archontis.

Published in: Solar Physics October 2004.