Facile Assembly/Disassembly of DNA Nanostructures Anchored on Cell-Mimicking Giant Vesicles

DNA nanostructures assembled on living cell membranes have become powerful research tools. Synthetic lipid membranes have been used as a membrane model to study the dynamic behavior of DNA nanostructures on fluid soft lipid bilayers, but without the inherent complexity of natural membranes. Herein, we report the assembly and disassembly of DNA nanoprisms on cell-mimicking micrometer-scale giant membrane vesicles derived from living mammalian cells. Three-dimensional DNA nanoprisms with a DNA arm and a cholesterol anchor were efficiently localized on the membrane surface. The assembly and disassembly of DNA nanoprisms were dynamically manipulated by DNA strand hybridization and toehold-mediated strand displacement. Furthermore, the heterogeneity of reversible assembly/disassembly of DNA nanoprisms was monitored by Förster resonance energy transfer. This study suggests the feasibility of DNA-mediated functional biomolecular assembly on cell membranes for biomimetics studies and delivery systems.