Face Research Lab London Set

2017-05-30T16:28:43Z (GMT) by Lisa DeBruine Benedict Jones
Images are of 102 adult faces 1350x1350 pixels in full colour. Template files mark out 189 coordinates delineating face shape, for use with Psychomorph or WebMorph.org.

Self-reported age, gender and ethnicity are included in the file london_faces_info.csv. Attractiveness ratings (on a 1-7 scale from "much less attractiveness than average" to "much more attractive than average") for the neutral front faces from 2513 people (ages 17-90) are included in the file london_faces_ratings.csv.

All individuals gave signed consent for their images to be "used in lab-based and web-based studies in their original or altered forms and to illustrate research (e.g., in scientific journals, news media or presentations)." Images were taken in London, UK, in April 2012.