VCF file containing all loci (variant and invariant) and individuals used in analyses. File contains 3,090,808 loci for 141 individuals. Individuals are named by their location of capture (first portion of sample name), and sample names match those in other provided supplements. The following individuals were included in this file, but eliminated from analyses in the study: Horn03:C6LMCANXX:7:000000000 Horn3:C6RJ0ANXX:5:000000000 BSTL51:C6LMCANXX:7:000000000 Pasc115:C7PDKANXX:8:000000000 Cat52:C6RJ0ANXX:5:000000000 Cat54:C6RJ0ANXX:5:000000000 BSTL53:C6LMCANXX:7:000000000 BSTL127:C7PDKANXX:8:000000000